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    THE CHURCH AND CONTRACEPTIVES - Thus, we Christians should begin to discuss about birth control and the methods used to avoid or delay the birth of children in the families.

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    SEXUALITY AND THE CHURCH - Thus, as Christ gave us His body freely, entirely, and faithfully, spouses are called to offer their own bodies to one to another, as a gift of love. It could be neither more special, nor more meaningful.

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    JESUS’ CHURCH AND ITS BATTLES - Our Holy Church founded by God, always fought and will always fight against Stan, and the only way of us understanding this is to study the history and see how people were tricked.

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    NO RESURRECTION WITHOUT A CROSS! - If you want to be somebody in life – a doctor, an astronaut, or even a saint – it will not happen without effort.

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BLOW ME AWAY (Makyra Nunes) 

I was sittin’ thinkin’ of how I can repay You. For the love that you have given to me every day and I wonder. Will I ever find anything? I came to the conclusion that Your love is so huge. That the only form of payment that will even come near...

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GUSTAVO CABRAL (Deerfield Beach, FL) 

Glad to go to FeMusic last weekend and once again see how you ALL reach anyone of the people that goes to a retreat or any other event. When the Holy Spirit used Makyra (Raimundinha LoL) on Sunday during that song it made scars in my heart...